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Spotify Premium Apk (MOD Unlocked) Download for Android

by Levi Dua

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[Updated 12 seconds ago] – by Techtodown

Spotify takes great care that its users can enjoy their musical content without a problem and always through its application. Hence, months ago an email campaign began aimed at those people who have the app installed but through the Spotify APK. In this way, in this email, they recommend uninstalling the APK app and downloading the official one from Google Play since, in the case of not doing so, they could ban that account so that it can no longer be used.

When you have done that, you will be able to download the APK of Spotify Premium Free ▷​.

There are several APKS that have Spotify but there are few capable of bypassing that firewall now applied, so we have tried them and we have found those that can do it, and that will allow us to enjoy the same as if we had a Spotify account Premium and also totally free and unlimited.

That is why we have prepared a guide that will help you enjoy all the music for free in 2021 on your Android device, although by having Spotify Premium without paying anything you will have the possibility to download any song or album by an artist, as well as listen to songs, create playlists and have all the functions of the official Spotify Premium, permanently and also, of course, free.

Instructions to Install Spotify Premium Free Unlimited (Forever)

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the most used music listening applications in the world, but many consider that its price is perhaps too high, in the case of wanting to use it with the Premium functions.

That is why we will start this tutorial now, and the first thing you have to do is uninstall any application that is related to Spotify that you have previously installed on your device and also activate the Unknown Origins option of your mobile and tablet to be able to install applications that are not found in Google Play (as it is an APK file, it will not be in the Google app store). To do this you have to do the following on your device: Settings-> Security and activate the "Unknown sources" option.

▷ The Best Android Applications to Download MP3 Music on Your Mobile

Spotify Beta is the free and secure APK application of Spotify. A perfect replica of the official Spotify Premium app. If you want to have it, all you have to do is download Spotify Beta, so that you will have an updated version of Spotify Premium available for free, without advertising, and with all the music available so that you can stream playback on your Android device. In case the previous APK is not operational, we leave you this other APK to have Spotify Premium Free.

The only feature that you will not find available with these APKs that we recommend is downloading songs, although the developers are not able to decipher the Spotify code.

Download Spotify Downloader to download Spotify Premium for free

As we have advanced, the APK of Spotify Downloader is an alternative application to Spotify Beta to have Spotify Premium Free and also to be able to download songs. If you want to have it you have to click on the following link to download the APK of Spotify Downloader.

When you have downloaded and installed it, you should go to the official Spotify application and integrate from there all the songs you want to have in a playlist. Then you will see how it is inside "Your library", so that you can go to the playlist that you have created and, after selecting it, you give the three points that are at the top of the screen -> Share -> Copy Link.

Once this is done that we have just explained, we go to the APK of Spotify Downloader, clicking on the 3 points in the upper area of ​​the screen, and then selecting "Add playlist". When we have done this we have to paste the URL that we have copied before and then we will have the list of songs available so that we can enjoy all the free music from Spotify or download it on the device.

If the previous APKs have not convinced you or it has not been valid for your terminal, we bring you this version of Spotify Premium Free Apk totally free.

With Spotify Mod Premium APK you will have unlimited access to all the functions of the official Spotify Premium for Android phones. This MOD unlocks all the features of Official Spotify Premium.

  • Access to millions and millions of songs and playlists
  • Listen to songs without an internet connection
  • Have better sound quality and without advertising
  • Early premium access to releases

Create different accounts month by month to have Spotify Premium Free

We know that Spotify leaves us one month free, to get Spotify Premium for free, although when that month is completed, that premium subscription is canceled and we return to the basic one, although they are occasionally launching offers of 3 months of free Spotify Premium, so we have to be attentive.

On the other hand, we have the trick that is to create new Spotify Premium accounts every month so that we can have the app for as many months as accounts we want to create, although for it to work we must have different associated cards, for example, bank cards are worth it. Revolut online, which you can have as many as you want.

Spotify Ad-Free - Web Version - PC

In the PC version of Spotify, you don't need tricks, just by accessing the Spotify website and becoming a user you will be able to enjoy all the music without ads and avoid the annoying advertising between songs.

How to have Spotify without Advertising on our mobile with the Web version - PC
Very simple, you only have to download a web browser that allows you to play Flash on your terminal and you could now enjoy Spotify without ads on your mobile.

Free Spotify Premium Troubleshooting and FAQ

Spotify is not officially available in my country, how can I enjoy the Premium features of Spotify?

If we want to install the Spotify Premium app for free officially if it is not available in our country, we have to remove the country restriction, and to achieve this it is necessary to install a VPN that can be free :

I wanted to download music and the Spotify app shows me a notification to upgrade to Premium. Why can't I download songs and music in this Spotify Premium app?
This happens because you have a free version of Spotify and now you have to pay for the Premium version with which you can download music, or you can also download the APK of Spotify Premium for free that we have explained previously with which you will be able to download songs. In addition, on the internet, we can find other apps with which to download songs and listen to them without having a connection.

How much data does Spotify use?

The data that Spotify uses may vary depending on the transmission quality that we have chosen. To give you an idea, we have this list that will be good to keep in mind when using Spotify.

  • 1 hour of playback consumes 50MB of data at "normal" quality
  • With "normal quality" we will be able to listen to music a whole day for 1GB of data
  • If we want a "high quality" 1GB is required for 15 hours.
  • And for the extreme quality, it will be necessary to use 1GB for 7 hours
  • It is important to note that you are going to spend more data than the video playback

Why can't I skip songs and don't have unlimited skips on Spotify?

This happens because you have two versions of Spotify, both the Free and the APK. You will need to delete them and install only the APK version of Spotify Premium Free.

The Spotify app says I can't log in. I have entered the correct username and password but the app does not allow me to log in. How can it be solved?

It requires clearing the Spotify app data and cache. To do this you have to do the following: "Settings" -> "Applications" -> "Spotify APK" -> "Storage" and delete the data and cache of the app.


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